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Ficlet - The pavilion at the sea

Title: The pavilion at the sea
Author: satsumatsu 
beta: irawrrx33 
Pairing: JunToshi
Rating: G
Words: 1409
Disclaimer: Not mine~
A/N: One vacation at the sea and this is what you get: plot bunnies~


For Jun, walking along the sea shore was one of the best things if you live close to the sea. He would walk every evening. Short or long, depending on his mood or time, but he would definitely make sure to take a walk. Somehow the waves covering his bare feet, catching up to his tucked up jeans, were soothing. The wet sand beneath his feet felt great, the sound of the waves - Jun loves everything about it.


He would take countless pictures of the scene too. Photographs of the glistening sea; of the sunset; of dark heavy clouds promising a storm, of soft white sheep clouds with funny shapes.


Once in a while he would walk to a pavilion standing far in the south -- far of the town. It is spherical and completely made of glass. The wooden roof is jagged in irregular ways. It has a weird shape, Jun must admit and the appearance is so lonely but it is appealing; maybe also because of its content.


It is a gallery, Jun would say if anyone asks him. You could see the art displayed through the glass fronts. You could go a complete round around the pavilion and there would be colorful paintings, sculptures, sketches, drawings and etchings. Art wherever you look. In the middle however you could see a large workspace in the typical artistic chaos. There are paint stains on the timber floor, several art easels and color tubes with sunlight flooding everything.


Jun likes this place. He likes the art because he couldn't grasp it right away. It is like a challenge for him. The angle is strange, the view so different. Jun stands minutes in front of one painting.


One piece Jun likes very much. It seems like a diary in pictures. Countless sketches next to each other, overlapping others, shape a seahorse. He sees letters, kanjis and names like 'Satoshi' written beautifully. Jun wonders how it would look in color.


However, strange enough, the pavilion is always closed when he visits it.




One day, Jun walks a little further until he reaches the small harbor. Somehow the smell of the sea and fish is stronger at this place. Boats with names like Umi, Takoyaki or simply Fune III Jun passes when suddenly a font catches his eyes. It's Satoshi and the way it is written is just like in the huge picture diary from the pavilion.


His heartbeat fastens as he looks out for someone on the boat to call out.


A very dark, little man appears. His hair is spiky, his expression sleepy. He slouches along his boat towards Jun, his rubber boots squeaking with every step.


"Good evening," Jun says a little embarrassed for the interruption.


The guy just yawns and nods.


"I-... I just saw the boat and the name and- The name reminds me..." Jun stops amid, his hand on his neck, rubbing it in worry. "Is there any connection to the gallery not far away from here?"


"It's mine," the guy states and eyes Jun a little interested.


"Really?" Jun asks. He somehow imagined the artist differently. The last thing he expected was a fisherman. Though he must admit his hands seem to be perfect for making art, his appearance in general is lacking an artistic connection.


"It's never open whenever I step by, I wondered when there is a good opportunity?"


The guy crooks his neck in wonderment. "I am usually fishing and only work at night." He explains so slowly that Jun thinks he must fall asleep any second. "But if you want to take a look at the inside I could open it up for you, I guess?"


"That, that would be really nice," Jun bows.


Then, the man smiles. It is an open and free smile so that Jun suddenly sees the artist.




From that day on Jun steps by later in the evening several days a week, studying Satoshi's art and watching him work.

It is interesting how he creates a piece. His face is crunched in a concentrated manner; his tongue is poking through his lips, wetting them from time to time. He would step back once in a while to take in the piece as a whole.

Jun would watch it all and sometimes wonder if he is a bother. Satoshi rarely speaks and Jun is left alone for pacing around the pavilion or sitting in one of those comfortable striped beach chairs which stand in the working place. From there he would watch Satoshi pacing around searching for art supplies. Not that Jun minds it, being left alone, he just wonders.


On day Jun falls asleep in the yellow-white striped beach chairs with Satoshi beside him. They had talked for hours about colors and their effects. How Ohno really loved the effect of a pure and light yellow on a deep purple shade. Jun found it alluring how Satoshi talked about colors and art, using his hands to describe it in an unusual ambitious manner. They had stared at the colorful canvas, falling in comfortable silence. Ohno contemplated a lot in those chairs and Jun was so content that he took part in that. He only realizes that he has been asleep when Ohno wakes him up at two in the morning, saying that he wants to go for some night fishing now.

Jun apologizes countlessly, but Ohno just smiles.


Jun does not come back for a week after the incident. Embarrassed, he doesn't dare to. Eventually, he can't help it. He goes in the afternoon because he thinks that Ohno won't be there at a time like this and wants to check for new pieces. However the glass door is open and Jun has no other chance but goes in. Satoshi is nowhere around and Jun has time to relax in the smell of paint and turpentine. There is a huge canvas in the workspace and curiously Jun wanders around to see what Ohno is working on. He never saw such a huge canvas before.


His breath hitches as he sees himself (unmistakably) standing in front of a huge sakura tree. He stands alone there, his arms hanging at his sides - the painted Jun stares back at him, smiling unsurely. The colors were only of blue to a deep shade of purple.


Jun looks at the painting, speechless. Then a breeze is running through the open door and rustles with the pages of Ohno's sketch books which are scattered around the canvas. Jun jerks out of his trance and crouches down to close them when he sees sketches of him. Lots of them. Different angles with different colored pencils. It must have been an eternity that he skips through the books when he hears a soft cough. He stands up and turns around in such a hurried manner that he feels lightheaded. He finds himself face to face with Satoshi who is standing close behind him. His expression is calm, but Jun can see some anxiousness in his eyes.


There is this radiating heat coming from Satoshi's body. Jun would have never imagined Satoshi's body as warm as it appears. From the closeness he can even see the slight rise and fall of his chest in a slow, freaking calm manner. But Satoshi is biting his lower lip and picks at his nose which gives away his calm appearance.


He is unsure, sheepishly so. It's adorable. It's irresistible.


Before Jun could even think about what he is doing, his hand reaches out, brushing past Satoshi's cheek, settling his fingertips on the warm, warm skin of his nape - to keep him in place or to draw him closer, Jun isn't sure when he leans in.

The touch of their lips, however, is so surprising for Jun that he withdraws immediately, jolting him out of his world. Satoshi catches his wrist before he can move back though, making Jun halt mid-track so he is hovering above him, unsure and afraid. Satoshi meanwhile looks up at Jun in wonderment and Jun doesn't know what to do until Satoshi's lips spread into a soft smile while he lifts his head demandingly.

Jun lets out a chuckle before leaning in again.




The next week Jun needs to explain Ohno that there is no way he can exhibit his most recent works. When Satoshi asks him why, he shouts, "It is pornography!" a little helplessly, blushing hard.


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Aug. 27th, 2010 09:28 am (UTC)
I especially loved this one, Satsu-chan ;3

Adorable, and I couldn't help but giggle at the ending :D
Aug. 27th, 2010 10:18 am (UTC)
cuteee~~ i love it!! Juntoshi is <3
Aug. 27th, 2010 12:41 pm (UTC)
so good very cute
thank you for sharing
Aug. 27th, 2010 02:46 pm (UTC)
I loved this! <333
Thanks for writing ^_^
Aug. 27th, 2010 03:49 pm (UTC)
hahahaaha!! the last part was funny!! i like this... so sweet... =)
Aug. 27th, 2010 04:05 pm (UTC)
aww damn.. the latest one is a MUST in any exhibition :D

Aug. 29th, 2010 11:57 pm (UTC)
*pushes the imaginary like button for a hundred and sixty five times*

It starts of nice,serene and calming.And it ends oh so very cutelyyyy~ ♥♥♥ I lavs this!
Aug. 17th, 2011 12:25 am (UTC)
Lol the last part was quite amusing~
Great Job!!
Aug. 17th, 2011 10:33 am (UTC)
I wanted to have a funny ending~

Thank you for commenting!
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